Lighthouse Tattoo offers piercing during all business hours. If we’re open, the piercer is here.

 All single-hole, above-the-waist piercings are $15 cash each.  Dermal anchors and genital piercings are $40.

All prices include the initial piercing jewelry. We only have one standard non-decorative 316L Surgical Steel jewelry that we use. We do not offer decorative jewelry or multiple options. If you happen to have a steel allergy, swing by the shop and we can special order titanium jewelry for you.

Piercing is performed on a walk-in-only basis, so no appointments are necessary; however, piercings are on a first-come-first serve basis so we do encourage making an appointment to cut down on potential wait time.

Minors must be accompanied by either a parent or legal guardian. The health department also requires us to have the following:

A photo ID for the minor. We need anything with a photo and a name such as a school ID or yearbook photo.

A government issued photo ID for the parent or legal guardian

Legal documentation proving the relationship of the minor and the parent. A birth certificate suffices if the legal guardian is the parent. Otherwise we will require custody papers if someone other than a parent brings the child in.

We also require the name on the parent or legal guardians ID to match the name on the birth certificate or custody papers. So if you have remarried and now have a different last name then what is written on the birth certificate then we require a marriage license or other paperwork showing the maiden name. An old license showing the previous name will also work.

We will not pierce a minor’s nipples or genitals. You must be 18 to receive that piercing.

We require a minor to be at least 16 years old to receive a tongue piercing.


The only thing required to clean external piercings is saline wound wash. You can purchase this at any local drugstore in the First-Aid section next to the gauze and bandages. Apply the wound wash with a Q-Tip to both the front and rear of the piercing two to three times a day. Continue this for at least three weeks.

For oral piercings simple use a alcohol-free mouth wash after every single thing you eat, drink, or smoke. For lip piercings, use the saline solution for the external part of the jewelry and mouth wash for the interior.

DO NOT: Touch the piercing. Apply alcohol or peroxide. Use ointments. Apply anything other then saline without special instructions from the piercer or your doctor. Twist, turn, or rotate the piercing. Submerge the piercing in water i.e baths, pools, the ocean, or lakes. Drink beer or alcohol with an oral piercing.

More in-depth aftercare may be found at the website for the APP here: