Our Appointment Policy

         Lighthouse Tattoo seeks to provide the very best tattoo work for our customers.  As such, our more established artists work on a By-Appointment-Only basis, this prevents scheduling conflicts and gives the artists sufficient time to produce original artwork to our standards.  We take a $60 non-refundable deposit on all appointments, with a $100 deposit for all-day appointments.  These deposits are taken out of the overall cost of the tattoo and more about them can be read in the Deposits section. We primarily set up appointment in person due to the fact that we have some paperwork everyone is required to fill out. So if you would like to set up an appointment, swing by the shop so we can do it all in person! If you are from out of state or are more then an hour way, we will do our best to accommodate you and get you taken care of.

          We ask that anyone who needs to reschedule give us a 48 hour notice and reserve the right to keep any deposits for last-minute cancellations.  The first time a client needs to reschedule is a free pass, we understand that life happens and can make getting to an appointment impossible or not a priority.  Kids get sick, cars break down, finances take a hit sometimes without warning.  Someone seeking to reschedule a second or third time may forfeit their initial deposit and have to leave another deposit to get another appointment, Lighthouse Tattoo leaves this decision up to the individual artist who the appointment is with.  So be nice.

          Good work takes time.  It takes preparation and planning.  It takes patience.  It's with these things in mind that we ask our clients to understand that appointments are better made well in advance of getting the tattoo.  It's not uncommon for an artist to be booked solid for weeks or even months especially during the busy times of year.  Bookings from the end of February to the end of April should be made at least eight weeks in advance, as most tattoo shops get a higher volume of customers with tax refund money making more appointments.  Conversely, during the holiday season (the six weeks or so following Halloween) things tend to slow down.  People are more likely to spend their money for gifts, or travelling to be with family for the holidays.  Taking these considerations into account can help you avoid disappointment when you find out you aren't going to be able to get that new tattoo from your favorite artist when you thought.